The Organic Cyclist

from seed to saddle

I made it to Judy’s Homegrown!


After nine hours on the road. A stop at a bike shop for a new saddle and bike shorts. A stop for flip flops in Dana Point. A stop for a sandwich at Trader Joe’s in Newport Beach. A stop for a swim in Huntington Beach where I met Moni and Christina and also took 2 hours to have the lock sawed off of my bike after losing my key! Ugh!!! Good times though!

5 thoughts on “I made it to Judy’s Homegrown!

  1. Glad to see you are going along quite well… Yeah, not losing your lock keys might be a good idea… that’s just for next time 😉
    Hope it’s not too hot for you on the bike.
    -David the Czech

  2. Diana,
    Quite a start to your adventure. Hope the new saddle works well.
    Having fun living vicariously through you.
    We are all with you.

  3. So glad to see you made it! We so enjoyed your visit, there is nothing like spending time with kindred spirits…good luck lady!

    • Rebecca! Thank you so much for the note! I had such a great time at South Coast Farms…I can not wait to visit you all again. I worked with chickens on my last farm…fresh eggs are great!!! Iwill visit soon. Tell eveyone I said Hello!!!! xoxo

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