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Catching up


Well, it has been longer than I wanted. A few technical challenges but I am back on track now…..

I am currently in Malibu at Vital Zuman farm in Malibu! Today I spent the day with my best friends from TCSD at the Malibu Triathlon!!! TCSD is the best Triathlon club in the world!!!! Congrats go out to Jonathan Lopez who podiumed two days in a row!!! Way to represent.

Thanks to Jake and Katie I had a great swim in the 58 degree h2o!!!

It was so amazing to see all of my friends today!!! What a special day on my adventure…..meeting up with the people I love! Thank you especially to Sara and Tim…you have such a great place in my heart and in my life!!!

The three Amigos….

2 thoughts on “Catching up

  1. Great pic of you Tim and Sara! So cool to be able to hook up with friends while out of town. A level of comfort there. Be safe, have fun and keep the updates coming. You are missed and thought of often here in San Diego.

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