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Bits and Pieces

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So, I am still trying to perfect updating my blog on a regular basis…..I am now in Santa Barbara and enjoying a short break in a hotel on the Beach!  So lovely. 

I just arrived in Santa Barbara yesterday after a brief stay at Shepherd’s Farm in Carpenteria, where, while working the Farm stand with Sam, I met the Surfing Chef and Krista and Steve from edible Santa Barbara.

Looking to stay the next two nights at a hostel in Santa Barbara…….before heading off to the next farm, Orella Ranch in Goleta.

Santa Barbara…….Happiness is finding a whole Organic chocolate bar when you are famished and completely out of food with no decent food store in sight!!!!!!

The Surfing Chef

One thought on “Bits and Pieces

  1. Hi Diana!

    Looks like you finally have some well deserved rest! That picture of you “pruning” the fig tree is a crack up. Just wanted to drop a quick note and wish you the best on your treck! The clean water folks back home in SD love what you’re doing for the planet!

    Can’t wait to catch up.

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