The Organic Cyclist

from seed to saddle

About me

Diana is an amateur triathlete who has competed in nine World Championships for Team USA in Triathlon, Duathlon, & Aquathlon. She has a Sports Nutrition and Personal Trainer Certification and 9 years of sports nutrition knowledge gained during her extensive participation in endurance sports and competition. She also has a background in gymnastics and dance and enjoys her practice in hot yoga.

Reformed from her East Coast, “big city” life, Diana moved to La Jolla, California in November of 2006.  She now enjoys living a healthy, organic life style and  hopes to proliferate and share her ideas on living as an Organitarian.

10 thoughts on “About me

  1. We’ll be following you throughout your journey and keeping you in our prayers. What an amazing journey this will be!

    • Nicole, You found me!!!

      So nice of you to say. Thoughts and prayers are always welcomed and appreciated!! I do hope you can be there on September 1st to see me off ( I may just roll out from here) …. 😉

  2. Good luck Diana! I look forward to reading about your adventures in the saddle!

  3. So does this mean that we can’t call you “dirty diana” anymore? I love it! If I didn’t know you well, when I read “dance background” I couldn’t help think of NIN and the Tower Theater. xoxo. Wishing you a ton of success! ~Tracy

  4. The Organic Dark Chocolate with raisins & pecans looks Yummy!!!
    Hope you are having fun….. I missed you at the track ;(

  5. Diana,
    Hi. It has been a while eh? Great to see what you are doing out there! Good luck on your trek!

    Tim Paziora

    • Hey Tim!!! Great to hear from you! Thanks. I hope all is well! Where are you living these days?

      • Hello again. I am living in DC; I moved here in 2007 from Germany where I lived since 2001….don’t want to take up too much space on your blog so will keep it short, ha. Hope you are doing well and are enjoying your trip! Keep up the carbs and protien (oh-and not to mention your glycogen levels!)

  6. It’s great to see people like Diana doing such great work. Also very impressive how much she can fit in her plate.

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