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  1. Diana,
    I’m so thrilled to learn of your plan. You and I have actually seen one another on multiple occasions, even raced next to one another at one time. But I’ve never spoken with you. I’m glad I have the opportunity to speak with you now. I’m inspired by the journey you have planned. My girl friend and I both are strong advocates for organic and sustainable farming practices. I’m interested in talking with you more about possible collaborative efforts and learning more about what you encounter on your journey.

    • Cody, Thank you for your support! I am working on so much right now it would take me a long time to write it all down. If you and your girlfriend are able to attend a showing of Food Inc. this Thursday at Wholefoods in La Jolla @ 6:00 PM, you are welcome to join us. I am partnering with Whole Foods and showing the movie as a prelude to my journey. Let me know and I will put you on the list and send you additional information. If not, sign up to receive my updates and feel free to ask me any questions along the way! See you soon! – Diana

  2. This is so great Diana!!!!! I’m sure I’m going to enjoy following your progress during your adventure. Travel safe young lady and have a blast!!!

  3. Hi Diana,

    1st off, this is a fantastic idea/ journey. I for one am thoroughly inspired (and jealous that I’m not on the journey myself!). I remember running track with you & SDTC last year at the UC highschool – good times! I would love to share your story with students at the k-12 school I work for (River Springs Charter School). Sharing a video would be great, but having you in person sometime this school year would be amazing! I’ve talked to Cherie Gruenfeld about sharing her story and thought I might be so lucky as to book you ladies as a tandem if at all possible. Best of luck as I wish you success and health on your travels. Regards, Murray Webb

    • Murray, Thank you! It is so nice to have supporters!!! I have just returned from track practice tonight. 😉 I would be honored to speak at your school and wow, in such company as Cherie. Fantastic!! I just volunteered for an event with the Jr. Lifeguards on Friday. One thing we discussed was pesticides and water pollution. It amazed me how smart these kids were…many of them knew more than most adults about pesticides and organic farming techniques. Truly wonderful…I would love to spread the word both about Organic living and the importance of utilizing alternative methods of transportation. Please let me know when Cherie is available. I will be back in town by mid-October but have a scheduled shoulder surgery as soon as I return. End of November or any time after that is good! – Diana

    • Murray, hello! My travels are going great and I am learning so much about farming and working with our Mother Earth!

      I wanted to see if you might be I interested in a children’s handbook on how to start a garden? One of the farmer’s and his fiancée put together an amazing little leaflet book, maybe 20 pages…a step-by-step basic guide with illustrations. It has not been published yet but I think they are just doing it as a non-profit and it would be between .50 & 1$ per book. I

  4. I can’t believe I found you! Good luck on your trip and let’s chat soon!

  5. Hi, Diana –

    Met you this morning at Starbucks, just north of Malibu. You’ll remember this well! But others may be interested to hear about our conversation.

    The work you’re doing is so vitally important. There are concerted efforts, backed by hundreds of billions of dollars worldwide, to dumb us down, control us and gradually poison us using food as a weapon. This horror story sounds like the script from a bad movie – but it’s fact.

    Our bodies are our vehicles while we’re here: and it’s hard for us to do our jobs if these vehicles – designed to work perfectly using natural resources, freely available – are sabotaged or compromised.

    The elite controllers of Planet Earth – which sounds dramatic, but this group *does* exist – are intent on that slow sabotage. GMOs, fluoride, chemical ‘improvement’ – all are part of an intentional strategy to compromise our effectiveness, intelligence, and our very will.

    This is not ignorance on the part of the multinationals and western governments. It’s planned.

    Those who are working so hard to promote organic farming are part of a resistance movement – even if they’re unaware of it and are just doing what comes naturally. I use the term ‘resistance movement’ – but this is not about fighting: it’s about education, empowerment, and teaching people how to be autonomous and self-determined. It’s a 21st century renaissance – and also a race against time.

    Diana, this is where your important work comes in. We are what we eat… or, at least, our bodies are. And we can’t function effectively if our bodies are compromised. All power to you – and to everyone reading this who has taken this project on board as a mission.

    Bill Ryan

    • Bill, Thank you so much for your comment!!! So eloquently verbalized. I am not sure how long you will be in town, but if you would like to do some “filming”, I will be in Carpenteria for several days on Shepard Farm. I could ask if they would allow it. Stay in contact! -Diana

  6. Hey Diane,
    we chatted for a little bit last night after your adventure to trader joes. There are a couple of SOL food events this week, a green drinks event on Tuesday night and a movie showing on Thursday night. If your interested in volentering for the October 2nd event, the following email is for an aquantance of mine who is helping with the event her name is Heather Hartley.


  7. Diana: This is awesome and so are you! Be safe and healthy in your travels!

  8. Diana-

    I live in San Francisco and decided earlier this year to ride across the country. I got a few days into the journey (in Feb) and ran into Ibti Vincent who was riding a loop around the country starting and ending in Washington D.C.. I ended up with her and basically had a very similar trip to what you’ve just done. I’m bummed that we missed each other in SF, but I was in Thailand for a good chunk of Sept.

    Good on ya!

    • Aaron!!! Hello. Since my trip in September/October, I have not been very good at keeping up with my blog. ;0 Where are you now, and how are things going for you? I am gearing up for a course in Costa Rica on Permaculture design. It is through the Permaculture Institute. I leave February 15th! Happy and safe travels. Isn’t it cold out there??????

  9. Diana-
    I’m so glad your doing good. I hope the run went well, 50 miles is a long run thru my local mountains. I’m very glad I met you, there needs to be more people like you in this world of ours. Hope to hear back from you soon.
    Happy trails:)
    Jason Heise

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